240 G/L oxyfluorfen EC Herbicide for garlic field

  • Description
Herbicide for garlic field

Active ingredients:  240 G/L oxyfluorfen emulsifiable concentrate
Product features: This is a selective contact herbicide, in the case of light play a weed. Through the coleoptiles, enters the plants in the hypocotyl. On garlic Tanaka nightshade, and pig suffered suffered, and cattle fan wisp of, and fan wisp of, and quinoa, and purslane, and mandala, and willow thorn polygonum, and acid die polygonum lapathifolium l, and flat storage, and Abutilon, and anti-branch amaranth, and concave head amaranth, and corn grass, and see Mai Niang, and Barnyard grass, and tendon grass, and spicy grass, and daughter child, and hard grass, one years health weed effective good anti-effect.
Product performance ( use):
This is a selective contact herbicide, in the case of light play a weed. Through the coleoptiles, enters the plants in the hypocotyl. Tanaka, Solanum nigrum, cleavers, cattle of garlic chickweed, chickweed, Pigweed, purslane, mandala, Willow Gill polygonum hydropiper, polygonum lapathifolium, flat storage, Abutilon, retroflexus, Au Tau amaranth and corn, grass, Alopecurus, Barnyard grass, goose grass, pepper grass, leptochloa, bent a year effective good weed control.
Using technology and method of use:
Crop ( or scope)
Control object
Preparation dosage
Use method
Garlic field
Annual weeds
40-50 Ml / acre
Soil spray
(Note : (1) hectare dose = MU with a dose x15
(2) Total amount of active ingredient concentration ( mg / kg )=( preparation x1000000) ÷ preparation dilution )
1. before the garlic after sowing seed per hectare using this product water 600 kg, evenly spray the soil, can effectively control biennial weeds. Spraying should be thoughtful, even, do not overlap or leak spray.
2. when spraying pesticide drift to nearby sensitive crops should be avoided to prevent injury.
3. before and after rain or windy days, do not spray.
4. this product is closely related to environmental factors such as soil moisture, temperature, avoiding spraying at low temperature, a leaf or two-leaf stage with garlic spray to avoid key.
Matters needing attention:
1 This product is a contact herbicide, spraying should be uniform and thoughtful, accurate dosage, do not spray and crop.
2 And every crop can only be used once.
3 , Dry spraying time, moisture well weed well; after applying pre-emergence of crop irrigation or rainfall crops susceptible to phytotoxicity.
4 , Temperatures lower than 6 c the prohibition of drug use. Garlic 2 1 heart medication after leaves have brown or white spots, had no effect on growth of garlic in the late.
5 , The medicine the emergence of rice, soy easy injury, attention when spraying.
6 , This product should be used to wear long pants, protective equipment such as masks and gloves, and avoid inhaling liquid. During spraying are not allowed to eat, drink and smoke. Should wash their hands and face after applying.
7 , The prohibition of pond waters, such as cleaning spraying equipment or cleaning spraying equipment of waste into rivers, ponds and other water sources.
8 Avoid contact with this medication, pregnant women and breastfeeding women.
Poisoning first aid:
This mild irritation to the skin and eye irritation. Good eye and skin protection when applying to work, in case of inhalation, the patient should be moved to the air flow. Skin contact, rinse, if splashed into the eyes, rinse for at least 15 minutes, if wrongly, should carry the label sent to hospital immediately. No specific antidote for this product.
Storage and transport:
This product should be stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated, waterproof place, away from sources of ignition or heat sources. In the reach of children and locked. Don't associate with food, drink, food, feed with other products, such as storage and transport. Used containers should be properly handled, do no use should not be discarded.